I can't believe it's May already. May! Where has the first third of this year gone? More importantly, exactly one year ago today was my first full day in New Zealand. A month long trip to the other side of the world, I travelled top to bottom and then called in on Hong Kong on the way back.

Queens StreetYou wouldn't believe you could step into the middle of the main street of a modern city mid morning on a week day and take a composed shot along it would you? Yet, I did!

An incredible trip, I took some fantastic pictures, some of them I've shared here on my site others I've only shared with the people I spent the time with. It seems a long time ago and I suppose it was in a way; well a year anyway. So this is my first blog for 2016. Yes, I've been a bit slack with regards to my blog but like the proverbial swan I've been paddling away like crazy behind the scenes organising myself. I've had a couple of trips out and about taking pictures and I have a couple more trips planned. I spent the day in Sussex revisiting holiday destinations from my youth, I've shared the pictures that resulted from that. By far and away the best shot of the day was this one... the sunset over Littlehampton beach, framed by a breakwater.

Underwater...I couldn't resist using the breakwater to frame the evening sun.

 Which brings me nicely to this, as a photographer I like to share my work. I take the shots for me but if others like them, well, that's a bonus. Until recently I was content with sharing them but more and more often the subject of doing something more with them came up and so I bit the bullet and created an online shop called "Fascinating Light". In the short time I've been selling I've sold two images! Its hard to express just what this has meant to me and I would like to think that the purchasers know just how much I appreciate their support. In some ways I'll still be happy if I never sell another picture but that hasn't stopped me making plans to sell framed prints wherever I can display them for sale. One of the prints I sold was the picture above and you kow what? Why shouldn't it sell? Its a bloody lovely photograph! The other is on my facebook page, which is newly minted and also using the tag "Fascinating Light" 

To be fair, the image wasn't like this when I sold it, it has had a purple wash applied, I have to be honest I wasn't sure at first but when I saw it in the canvas (so to speak) I found I did like it quite a lot. I'll be offering various images with a colour wash. Only a limited number at first to see how they go. I've managed to attract a few likes and I hope that the number will grow and in time the exposure to my work will also grow and who knows? Truth is, I'd like for my work to be seen by people, do I want to be taking pictures of people's weddings etc? No, not really. I want to take the photos I want to take and hopefully create something special while I do it. And that leads me to my next agenda item... for a while now I've been thinking I lack a direction, I take some nice pictures and occasionally I take a fantastic picture but I want to develop a style, a pictorial signature if you will. So I'm thinking about it now, I've got a couple of ideas and eventually one of them (Or both!) will form the basis of my "Fine Art" work. Stay tuned! So here's the plans in a nutshell, sell my work, exhibit my work. I'm intending to offer, prints, fine art prints, framed prints, canvasses and perhaps the odd book or two. 

May 2016