Actually, that's not true of all cameras. Some are rugged and waterproofed. Some have an underwater casing available and then you can swim with them using them as though you were above the water. My mobile phone is waterproof but my Canon isn't although it certainly has some weatherproofing.

I guess by now you're thinking what is this buffoon talking about? I'll tell you and those of you with a delicate constitution should probably stop reading now.

Last week, my work took me to Bradford, some 3.5 hours up the M1 along and tedious drive. I finished around 2.00pm and rather than drive home straight away. I had decided to visit the Bingley 5 lock lift on the Liverpool and Leeds canal. It's a quite impressive 18 meter lift about a mile downstream is another smaller 3 lock rise. 

I had a great time, shooting in and around the 3 lock rise and the 5 lock rise. I took a bunch of long exposures. It was such a lovely afternoon, sunshine, warm but not too bright, quiet too, not many people around at all. 

At one point in the shoot, I found myself laying on a slope... my camera close to edge of the empty lock, I was shooting towards the bottom of the upper gate, a nice plume of water cascading over the exposed lock gate cill.

Now what I'm about to write will take longer to read than it took to happen.  The camera is on its neck strap around my neck held securely in both hands... and then my foot slipped on the wet muddy slope... I let go with one hand, the elbow of the other hand got knocked and the camera flew from my grasp... it hit the very edge of the lock and activated the quick release mechanism of the shoulder strap... the weight of the camera dragged the strap away from me... I grabbed at it and I caught it! Yes! Is tarted to breathe.. sadly, the camera swung down and smashed against the side of the lock and the strap anchor point on the other side of the camera parted company with the rest of the body and the camera was launched into the air... and landed with a thud on the cill some 4 meters below, bounced and with a final splash and gurgle disappeared into the murky 4 or 5 foot of water at the bottom of the lock... to be followed moments later by the bigger splash of my tripod. I did what any grown man would do at this point. I had a full on stampy sweary fit and then sat on the edge of  the lock, head in my hands and cried.  

The only saving grace was that no one was there to see it.

I lost my camera, my favourite lense, my gps tagger, my remote trigger, my best and fastest SD card and of course my tripod. Approximate value? In round numbers, 1500 quids worth. 

As I write my replacements are ordered and on their way, the camera is a bit of an upgrade, its a Canon 80D so I guess that's a bonus. I lost the days pictures and that's a bummer because I'm not sure I'll be able to face going back.I've been in touch with the canal trust to see of there was anyway they could help me retrieve it but they said "Nope!" which if I'm honest surprised me somewhat. 

So normal service will be resumed shortly and in the meantime I've continued with the prep for the arts festival and getting excited about my trip to the states.

Thanks for reading
15th March 2017