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Lady Liberty

The fourth collection from my trip to New York is of course the Statue Of Liberty.

"Business" is booming!

Another month has passed, this year is flying! I can't believe it's August already. I had a relatively quiet month in June because May was so full on but July saw me back hard at it. I've previously mentioned that that I had put up a profile on a site called "Purpleport" (I have no idea why it's called that!) it allows us 'creative' types to network, it has a mixture of models, photographers, makeup artists and graphic artists. As a member you're free to contact whoever and arrange to work with them. Naturally, I'm mainly in contact with models. Models accept work on a paid basis or a "time fo…



I was in full tourist mode when I went to the states but it seems that the photographer in me never takes a day off. This collection of shots contains cute, funny, interesting and downright weird images. I'll let you decide which is which.

Summer's here!

As I type the weather has turned from record highs to rain. I know it should bother me but it really doesn't. The photographer in me just sees weather and wonders what he can shoot. I accept that most of you will have a different view on that subject although based on the facebook posts of some, you'd think the hot weather had heralded the end of the world!

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Since I last blogged I've been pretty busy. I've been to New Jersey and New York, I've taken part in an Arts Festival, I went to a Cosplay event and I shot a vintage/retro set…



I like the way the bridge looked like it was holding the orange light back.

Brooklyn Bridge

I don't think I need to explain what this shot is, do I?

Ferries and eats

Actually in Brooklyn now, on the right is the Riverside cafe on the left is the Dumbo pier... yes that is what it's called because that's where I was "Dumbo".

Dumbo's view

East Manhattan from the pier one playground.


This is the eastern pier as shot from the Brooklyn side of the bridge.

Almost there...

This was taken with a wide aperture, the setting sun has given a warm orange tinge to the shot.

Brooklyn Bridge 4

I liked the way the sun shone between the buildings, a tiny little aperture (f22 for those interested) allowed the camera to cope with the sun shining straight into my eyes! I'm pretty pleased with shot, I couldn't see a thing!

Brooklyn Bridge 3

This was taken from about Halfway across the bridge, the sun is out of shot behind the financial district