Not sure...

Leigh was still a bit nervous and self conscious but there's a hint of relaxation...


Ah.. begining to relax a bit now.


It was the colour of Leigh's hair that first caught my eye.


You've got to wonder what she was thinking

Shine on me

This is a lovely shot and it became clear that Leigh has a real talent for this stuff.


The calm nature of this pose belies the fact that it was blowing a gale!

Oh really?!?

She's in her element now, relaxed and confident.


Just look at the picture! What more can I add?

What wind?

Again it's hard to believe it was so windy... very natural look.

Joy to behold

I love the warm glow of the setting sun and the way it colours her hair.

Love's young dream

Leigh's partner Gideon came with her on the shoot, it would have been a shame not to include him.


I think its ok to look that happy, I would in their position.

Pitstone Windmill

There really was a windmill at the shoot location but Leigh managed to overshadow it completely.

Time to go...

I was using a wide angled lens for this shot, I love the slightly distorted perspective to the image, the flash has given a really nice washed out feel to the foreground and the setting sun in the background adds a splash of colour.


First shot of the shoot, it was just "sighter" really, one to get my hand in as it were, I like it!