I was in full tourist mode when I went to the states but it seems that the photographer in me never takes a day off. This collection of shots contains cute, funny, interesting and downright weird images. I'll let you decide which is which. These were taken in Asbury Park, Bordentown, Camden. Philadelphia and of course New York


I dunno why.. I just liked them.


This guy was tied to a lamp post. He looked so forlorn. Naturally I left him alone... monkees bite!


Who doesn't love a skateboarding chicken?


There's no truth to the rumours about the militarization of America's police.


It's almost like she didn't know it was there...

More googling...

This was a day of adventures for us all!


These things are an American institution!


I see it movies all the time and there it was in real life!

Post box...

So which is it? 2192 or 173?

Rocking the stoop

I have no idea why they call them stoops... but they really do sit in rocking chairs on them apparently.

Goosing the family...

I won't mess with Geese at the best of times and certainly not when they're guarding their brood! Although chicks look a bit like chickens rather then geese!


Gazing across the Delaware from New Jersey towards the City of Philadelphia PA

Not Exactly CHiPs is it?

Based on their rotund shape, I'd say it's a good thing they've got trail bikes!

Afternoon Dip

More Delaware, this time it's in Borden town

Charity begins...

Everyone needs a little help now and then.

I'm a native...

Bryant Square behind the library. New yorkers at play.

Is that Micheal Jackson?

More New Yorkers at play...

What are they looking at?

I'm not telling! Sue was pretty good though and I spent a very nice 20 minutes listening to her play and sing Jazz

Shine 'em up!

Honestly, who knew there were still shoe shine stands?