#pages park


The sudden change of direction.... do I like it? Or do I hate it? I think she likes it.

I'm flying!

Again , the simple pleasure on her face is captivating.

Do it again!

Mum was on the other end.


Come on we've all done it!

That tongue again!

This time it's the it's the tongue of extertion, she'd just climbed up the steps to the slide

Where to?

She was running from slide to see-saw, I like the animation of this shot.

Deja vu?

There was asimilar shot of Pippa in front a shiny plaque in the first set of pictures.

Like this?

This is such a lovely picture. without doubt my favourite shot from the set.

I'm coming!

Pippa was much more lively than last time, so I found I needed to be quicker on the shutter!