2016 has come to an end; What a strange year it was too! The world lost so much talent from the music industry and the film world, a couple were favourites of mine and in truth 2016 came to an end determine to see off as much talent as it could. A very strange year and sometimes sad year indeed.

Enough of all that though because its a new year and I've got plans for this year! Until now I've been fairly relaxed about how things grow , just letting things bimble along organically and I'm really happy (not to mention grateful!) for all the people who have liked , shared and bought my work. In a way, it's humbling but I'd be lying if I didn't admit it feels good too! This year I'm intending to be slightly more proactive about putting myself out there. As part of that plan I've booked space at a local Arts Fair that takes place each year in the village of Mentmore, Buckinghamshire. It takes place over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May

It's quite a small affair as these things go but I have 16 sq feet of exhibition space to fill! and while the pictures will be for sale ( a part of any sale goes towards the fair's charity, last year it was Air Ambulance) my main reason for doing the fair is to get out there and face the public, its quite a daunting prospect. All that said, it'll be cool to sell a few as well! 

For reasons I won't trouble you all with, I didn't get away anywhere last year but I've put that right this year, I'm off to New York in the spring. I'm going to see friends and I'm going to take pictures. While I've never had a major desire to visit New York, it does look like an exciting and vibrant place to take pictures of, so I am in fact really excited about the trip.

That takes me to the end of May.... Hopefully I'm in for a busy year.

Thanks for reading

8th January 2017