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About a year ago, as a form of therapy really, that I launched my Facebook page as a complement to my website. I've long been a photographer but I'd never really pushed it at people so I decided to be a bit more "in people's faces" with it. As they say in the movies... it's been emotional!

I really have to thank the band of faithful followers and friends who have encouraged me to push my work out there. Without that encouragement I wouldn't be writing this today.
I also need to thank the people who have allowed me to take their picture, either of them or their families! That said I'm reasonably sure they're all happy with the pictures they got in return!

It's hard to believe that in such a relatively short period of time the page has over 70 "likes". That means at least 40 odd people I don't know have looked at and liked my images! The truly amazing thing is that I've not really pushed myself so the growth is all "organic". I am trying to change that this year

I'm still slightly surprised when I think that people have paid me money for my work and paid me to take their picture! I find it truly humbling to be honest but yes, it's also very cool.

I hope that people continue to enjoy my work and that new people find and enjoy it. There's quite a big moment looming on the horizon and I make no apologies for mentioning (yet again) that I will be showing work over the second May bank holiday at the Mentmore Art Show. Looking at photographic images on the web is all very well but if you really want to enjoy an image then you need to see a print. If that print is mounted and framed all the better.  

There's a tendency for some people to be slightly dismissive of photography these days , people don't always appreciate the artistry that goes into conceiving and executing a photographic project. Photographers don't produce these pictures by accident, we see what we want, we figure out how to achieve it and we shoot it and we often put as much thought into how we present it as we do shooting it. 

I'm going to finish this blog with a big "Thank you" to the people who had enough faith to entrust me with their likeness... First up is "Simon's Gang" you could consider this my first ever "commercial shoot"

Old Skool!Of course the smiles do spoil the mean and moody look

Next up we've got the simply gorgeous "Pippa" who along with her mum became the first shoot for someone I didn't actually know beforehand!

Dolly 1Dolly is her favourite toy but I'm afraid to say she really didn't get a look in!

I can't say thank you to anyone without saying thank you to "Leigh". Approached by a complete stranger, totally out of the blue who handed her his card and said "Let me take your picture", she was apparently unfazed because she emailed me a few days later and we arranged her first shoot! I've "shot" her a number of times now in various guises and styles. I'm not sure if she realises just what a big help she's been to me in allowing me to practice technique, try out ideas and generally just get out and about with my camera. It's an image from her very first shoot (not just with me either!) that adorns my "hire me" page. 

Oh really?!?She's in her element now, relaxed and confident.

These people should all take a bow.
Next stop for me (and Danbo!) will be New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia! It's a hard life eh?

Thanks for reading (and supporting me)

17th April 2017

August comes to an end. All things considered I don't think we can complain too much about the weather, certainly not compared to the washout that was July. Photographically speaking, it's been a very interesting month and as summer slides into autumn I can't help but look forward to the golds and browns that it signifies.

Oh really?!?She's in her element now, relaxed and confident.

I took pictures of Leigh and partner Gideon, a set of pictures I'm very pleased with. They were very well received and that's quite gratifying to be honest. Thinking about it now, I can't believe how I ended up taking her picture. I think I touched on it briefly but to add more flesh to the bones (as it were) I was at a recent event where I was promised "Comic Book Heroes and Villains" but the reality was somewhat lacking. I was sitting on a wall eating an ice cream trying to figure out what I could do for the rest of the day when Leigh and a group of friends walked past. I caught a snatch of conversation..."blah blah.. shoot on Friday.... blah blah" and my plan was formed, I'd ask this girl if she'd like to have her picture taken. With far more confidence than I felt I walked up to her, introduced myself, gave her my card and asked her to have a think about it. She dropped me a line a couple of weeks later and well the rest as they say, is history. Both Leigh and I want to do more pictures so stay tuned.

Time to go...I was using a wide angled lens for this shot, I love the slightly distorted perspective to the image, the flash has given a really nice washed out feel to the foreground and the setting sun in the background adds a splash of colour.

I also took a run out to Rutland Waters. I'd never been before but I'd heard about this church that was half submerged and wanted to go and take pictures of it. To be fair I think me and a million other 'togs have all taken pictures of it but so what? It's a great subject!

View from the southShot from the end of the "Rutland Belle" pier.. fairly sure that I was breaking all kinds of rules; no life vest!

This weekend I found myself at the Imperial War Museum Duxford. I've been many times and I never get tired of the place there's always something going on.

Monkeying aroundthree... er ... "wise".. monkeys?

We went this time because it offered the chance to get "up close and personal" with a Lancaster bomber, I got some great pictures from angles that you wouldn't normally be able to see and excitingly, I was able to go aboard the aircraft and take shots inside. They'll be in a forthcoming update. As a bit of a bonus, we were treated to the sight of the B-17 "Sally B" coming home from Bournemouth, we watched her land and then taxi past us no more than 25 yards away. Fabulous!

Thanks for reading.


22 August 2016