#english heritage

Lean on me!

Just in case it's not clear, the wall is leaning to the left!

Cloistered Too

Looking through the dorway of the Refrectory towards the "church"


Taken looking south from what would have been the Nave

Dining room

Looking north over the refrectory, across the cloister and beyond.

Dining hall

The southern range of the abbey, looking across what would have been the monk's refrectory


This chap is standing in the vestry

Through The Arches Window

The light was transitioning from golden to bluey grey and the arch offered forground shadow while the tree is still lit by sunlight, I liked the contrast, not to mention the ready made frame.

Fallen Tree

I think this tree must have fallen through and knocked this wall down. It's growing in what would have been the nave.


When I took this picture my ankle was a bit swollen and very painful but somehow I felt I couldn't really complain.


Yes, its a real word!

Abbots Lodging

Inside the Abbots lodge, the three arches are all that remains of the Eastern inner range.


This is shot through what would have been a window from the covered cloister into the open cloister

Northern Range

Beyond this wall was teh churches Nave. Apparently these arches would have been bookshelves... how can they know that?!?!

Into the church

This archway once led from the church into the closters ofd the abbey building proper. In the background is the visitors center but "back in the day" would have been the "Quire" This is mid 13th century

Chapter House

Standing in the Chapter house, facing the Cloister

Fallen Arches?

Shortly after I took this picture I twisted my ankle very badly indeed!

Eastern Range

From here , you're looking inwards towards the cloister. The arches once led into various rooms.

Not mushroom in there...

Well, it is autumn after all...