Off the boat..

The city hall has it's own dedicated pier, alighting from a ship/baot and this is the view. It's clearly intended to impress with it's granduer. sadly the front entrance was being refurbished so some of teh splendour is lost.

View from the front...

Not one but two huge plazas need to be crossed in order to approach the building from the seafront (which is behind me)

Workers United

The image of "workers struggling" was a common motif on the building.


A closer shot of the fountain... I found the motif of striving workers very "soviet" The Astronomical clock is also impressive.

Fountain... Swans entwined

Another smaller plaza that gives access to the entrance.


The ornate concrete and bronze statue atop the the entrance


The covered walkways on either side lead to the ornate gold covered doors at the top of the casecade. It's worth pointing out that this is the back door!

Rear Elevation

I'm standing in the middle of a huge open plaza.. the buildings behind me serving to give an amphitheatre-like feel to the place.

The Royal Palace

A long exposure nighttime shot, which is why the two girls have ghosts.

Royal Palace

This is the Royal palace seen through the trees as you approach along the path

Tree walk revisited

This is the same path that leads from the palace to the theatre. This time looking up towards the palace and at night. You can see it was pretty windy!


The white building on the left are officer quaters. They look out onto the pond and concert stage.

Time to think...

A solitary figure ignoring the crowds... and who can blame her?

National Dress

I spotted these ladies coming up the hill, there was to be a wedding in the castle. This is traditional ladies wear.

Akershus Fortress

This is one of only 3 entries into the castle that overlooks Olso Harbour. The grounds are freely accesible to the public. The castrle itself holds the Norwegian Ministry of defence and has a full garrison.

Orange Snow

I really like the way the leaves behave like orange snow, gathering in corners and nooks.


This path between tall trees only just on the turn offered a secluded walk to the theatre district. The palace is behind me.

Duck Pond..

The royal palace in the background. The fencline on the extreme right of the picture marks the only private part of the park.

Duck Pond..

Again this is the rpyal palace park and I love the way the leaves are covering the surface of teh pond like snow...

Palace Gauard house

The royal palace parks were mostly open to the public apart from a few obvious exceptions as denoted by the ceremonial gurad posted alongside.