Firstly, let me say thank you for your interest.
I've been taking pictures since my early teens, of course in those days it was all film and I shot with a cheap box camera. These days like most people I shoot using a digital SLR but I do still have and use my old Chinon film camera. All the images on this site are taken by me.

It's often said that we should develop a distinctive style, an instantly recognisable style that can't help but be identified as a "Mark Ferri", I'd like to think I have but I'm not sure that I'm the best judge, I think the people that follow, like and buy my work are the ones best placed to decide that.
I'm going to offer the almost obligatory reference to the passion I feel for photography but I think my images speak for themselves.

Not mushroom in there...Well, it is autumn after all...

Take this shot... I drove nearly 3 hours each way , in a single day just to visit Hailes Abbey and photograph it, it's not even in the shot! That's surely passion enough for anyone.

Although I do shoot a lot of landscape and architecture. I actually prefer to shoot people (with my camera!) I use natural light whenever I can because that's how we see the world; where ever possible I shoot candidly because that's often how we see people. I try to make each picture a vignette on the world we live in.

You're never too old...

I break rules all the time... people gazing fondly out of frames... odd shaped crops... I like quirky... I'll shoot your event but don't expect a bunch of standard images. They'll show you things in a different way.

Sally's band

I think you'll like them though. Have a look around and give me a shout, even if it's just for a chat!

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12th November 2016

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