Leigh At Houghton House


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two muses for the price of one in this set. Houghton House is a favourite spot of mine for picture taking and this time I've combined it with another favourite subject Leigh. I have to take my hat off to Leigh, it was very windy and pretty nippy for all that the sun was shining brightly by the time we'd finished. I've gone for a dark and contrasty look that suits the nature of both Leigh and the building.

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Shooting through the wooden railing adds an element of menace. Looking at her expression, is she worried or pleased?

Caged too

Now Leigh looks more sad and the image is darker as a result.


I like this shot so much. Shot through a gap at the top of the railing, it still has the "prisoner" about it but Leigh is much more inviting.


I love the lighting in this shot... Leigh was in shade but I had added flash from the right and below her, it highlights the red of her hair, captured in a rare moment of no wind!

Go away

There's a hint of disappointment in her expression, the visitor wasn't going to let her out afterall.


I like this shot because it's taken a step back, the railing becomes more interesting and seeing Leigh behind them adds depth. Again the warmth was provided by flash and the sunlight just beginning to shine thorugh a gap behind her.

Inside the cage

Shot from the floor above, the sun is bright across the window lintel but the warmth is again provided by the flash.

Inside the cage Too

Exactly the same spot as before but with a wider lense. The sun is streaming across the top of the frame foreground lit by flash. Leigh is actually lit by natural light through the fence

Next room

I shot this through a hole in the wall of the room next door. The sun has added a golden glow to the upper half of the shot, Leigh is lit by light reflected off the stonework in front of her, with added fill flash.


brightly backlit subjects are always fun to shoot and this shot is no exception, the flash was used in front of her but very low and it actually lights the wall behind her the stone work makes a nice natural frame. This shot breaks a couple of "rules" the very bright patch in the top right should be a distraction but it actually works really well.


Poor Leigh was pretty cold by now but as she said... "you've gotta suffer for your art!"

Last shot of the day

We had had the place to ourselves but that all changed as I took this shot.