Here we are and the year is nearly two thirds over. It's been an eventful year so far and I'm not sure the adventures are over yet. Since I last blogged I've been out and about with my camera mainly because the weather has improved thus making a random day out much more like a good idea. I found myself on the east coast in a aprt of the world I had never visited, living and growing up in west london we always headed south westwards... Sussex, Dorset or Devon. So visiting that part of the world was quite an eye opener for me. Of course simply being by the sea is often enough for me. I was a bit self indulgent with my choice of subjects but I'm pleased to say that "Huts" was very well received. Although my rather more abstract work was also appreciated.

StepsVery nice of the locals to provide a comfortable spot to watch the sea from.

The weekend just gone was the annual "Linslade Canal Festival" (It's really Leighton Buzzard AND Linslade Canal Festival but Linslade has always wanted to be treated as a separate entity!) For the third year running I took my camera but this year I actually took some pictures!

Towpath Shopping mallIt was quite bewildering the range of goods for sale.

As the name implies, there were a myriad of barges along the banks selling all manner of weird and wonderful things... ice cream, cheese, "spanish delicacies" and lest we forget a clothes stall selling very "Rosie and Jim" type clothes.

There was of course lots of stuff going on away from the towpath, a food "court", lots of crafts were represented ( more on craft fairs later!) and an arena where various groups performed. Of course, no day like this would be complete without Morris dancers... here they are having lunch.

LunchEven Goths have to have a lunch break!

You can find more images of "Hemlock Morris" on my facebook page. I really enjoyed them. I think keeping these kinds of traditions alive is very important.

Finally, I think it would be remiss of me not to mention the beer tent!

There may have been beer!Beer anyone?

I promised more on "Craft Fairs"; I have booked display space at a local Craft Fair that takes place next spring although I find the prospect quite scary I'm also very excited at the prospect. I'll make more noise about it closer to the time but it's a big step for me and I wanted to share it .

Thanks for reading!

3rd August 2016