In my last blog I talked about how I was intending to create a portfolio site, well I have. Like all portfolios it will always be a work in progress but the basic site will rarely change. For me the protfolio is an important step. It's hosted by Adobe, as part of their "creatives" initiative. This is a professional hosting solution and exposes my work to a wider audience and importantly an audience of people looking for "creatives" to work on various projects. Its more of a "shop window" than my main site.
I know some people question the need for a seperate site but portfolios are more than a collection of images and a blog. They're supposed to highlight your style, your vision and your technical skill.
I've pondered long and hard over the content.. I found it very difficult to choose just a few images. They need to be technically good, the need to show off the subject. It's so difficult to shoot a sunset in such a way that "your" vision is different from mine while still essentially showing the same scene. I doubt everyone will agree with my choices but the pictures I've chosen so far fill the criteria. I hope that you all mostly agree with me because then I've done my job correctly.

It's never been my stated aim to make money as a photographer except on my own terms. I want to take the pictures I want to take and I'd like to think that people will like them enough to buy them but the truth is taking pictures for other people,when the subject is interesting, is actually also quite rewarding. I'm going to try and expand that side of things.

Just perfect...I know what you're thinking but you're wrong. I was shooting for this very shot!

On the subject of selling, many of you will be aware that I "opened" an online shop using Etsy. I find the overhead of, pricing, stocking and the general management of it way beyond my needs and I've been considering alternatives. For want of a better expression I'm bringing it all in house. The Images that I'm happy to sell will be available straight from my website and you'll be able to receive a digital download right there and then. I'll also offer prints, framed or otherwise but of course you can't download those! This means that all my management is in one place and I can price to cut out the middle man. I think its the way forward. I will keep my Etsy shop for the time being but in the long term I expect to let it fall by the way side. Of course, I'm left with the much harder task of driving people to my website!

Dolly 2Sorry Dolly, you're out!

Finally, that brings me to pictures, I have another shoot planned for this coming weekend, I'm looking forward to it and will hopefully produce some great pictures. If this weather could hang on until sunday that would be super! I've just started talking to another lady with a view to taking her picture and we're just sorting out the dates. I've got a location in mind and I think if it all works out I'll have some great snaps to add to my portfolio. Stay tuned!

You'll find my portfolio here.

19th July 2016