As I type the weather has turned from record highs to rain. I know it should bother me but it really doesn't. The photographer in me just sees weather and wonders what he can shoot. I accept that most of you will have a different view on that subject although based on the facebook posts of some, you'd think the hot weather had heralded the end of the world!

Almost dusk...Again a small aperture tames the bright evening sun. Small aperture and a relatively long exposure allowed the camera to pick up details it would otherwise have lost in the glare.

Since I last blogged I've been pretty busy. I've been to New Jersey and New York, I've taken part in an Arts Festival, I went to a Cosplay event and I shot a vintage/retro set. Some might say, I should take a break!

Upper floorI guess even in prison you'd want to be on the top floor

I've already shared some images from my trip to the states and they have been well received on the whole, which is always nice. I found myself on the horns of a dilemma as far as they were concerned; after all do people really want to see someone else's holiday snaps? Rest assured I took many more than you'll ever see, aren't I good to you?

The Arts festival was fun to do and pretty intense if I'm honest. I suppose from a purely financial point of view it wasn't a success but the feedback I got on my work was without exception excellent. I could have priced the images to sell but really I put a lot of effort into my work, why should I sell it short? Unlike a few photographers exhibiting, I had printed, mounted and framed my work. If I do it again next year I can adjust things to make it more financially viable. Overall, it was worth doing. This is my personal favourite from the collection

Autumn Glow

Apart from anything else, it's pretty cool to see your work on the wall being admired by people who have no idea who you are! Hey! I'm only human. 

I had a shoot with Caroline. She's a model I found on a website called Purpleport. It's a site for allowing models, makeup artist, photographers to "meet" and arrange work. I've just set up my profile on the site, until recently I didn't think my body of work was sufficient. I really enjoyed the shoot with Caroline, she has a proper retro / vintage look and we both felt the resultant images really did her justice. I've arranged another shoot with her in the near future so keep an eye out for that.

Chic 7

I think I really should mention Danbo! He's just a bit of fun and I know that a lot of you really enjoy his adventures (yes, I know some of you don't but wotchagonnado?) 

The problem I have is that I need to keep things ticking over on my channels and the truth is it's a lot of work to produce the images I share. Danbo allows me to keep things ticking over while I work on "proper" content. He's often a surrogate for where I am and what I'm up to and weirdly he's gotten me into places that I would otherwise been denied access to! If it helps anyone understand the whole Danbo thing, open Instagram or flickr and search for Danbo, he's quite a popular guy!

As always , thanks for reading.

28th June 2017