Welcome! This is the new look to my site and I really hope that you all like it. Of course I'm happy to hear opinions as always.

So June is nearly over... I'm not sure we've had much of a summer so far but I suppose there's still time for a change. June has been a strange month. A month of highs and lows. As an example its taken me 10 years but I finally managed to have a glass of wine on my patio enjoying the evening sun while waiting for my steak to cook (albeit a chicken "steak"!). Not something I've achieved since!

yes, its a little robot man!He's cool!

I also spent a really pleasant afternoon in a drizzly Bury St Edmunds takig pictures of Simon's gang, I'm pretty pleased with the results if i'm honest. What I didn't expect was the reaction the shoot would provoke! It proved to be a very popular with everyone that looked at it and on the back of it I have another shoot planned for this coming weekend with a more local lady and her 10 month old... That'll be a new experience for me so watch this space!

On the "low" side of the scales, my website broke and this is more of a problem than it seems at first. It left me with a quandary. Most dedicated photographic software solutions are "paid for"  solutions and can I really justify spending upwards of £20 per month to support an already expensive hobby? Not really.... I know what you're thinking, "Hang on! you write software for a living! write your own solution!" Well, I suppose I could but I'd have to learn a whole bunch of new technologies (not such a bad thing) , I'd then have to reinvent the wheel (not such a good thing) and any time I spend creating and maintaining my software is time I'm not out and about with my camera (that's a bad thing). I looked at several different solutions but kept coming back to the same conclusion... I chose Koken as my solution in the first place because it was the best free solution available. As a software engineer I know that software does occasionally break and the issue is that I didn't have a suitable strategy in place to cope with a disaster, I wouldn't do it in my professional life so I only have myself to blame for not doing it with something I rely on for personal reasons. This time around I will have a strategy in place. Lesson learned.

I hope you all like the new look and feel. I think its brighter and cleaner. It's less cluttered. I have plans for an even less cluttered version that showcases just the images I consider to be my very best. More on this next time!

June 2016