WTC Memorial Garden. Given the impression we're fed of how the USA is a land of bigger and brasher is best and if it's bigger than that then that's even better. I was pleasantly surprised by the WTC memorial. It was moving without being cloying. The floral tributes paid to the fallen were very moving in their simplicity. The water featuers themselves had a majesty that did justice to the two big holes in the ground that were all that remained.

Liberty Park

This high level walkway/ garden overlooks the main memorial

Ground Zero

The holes left by the towers have been turned into simple but elegant water features.


Looking across one of the water features, just out of shot to the left is the new WTC

Take Two

Diagonally across from the garden's soiuth east corner towards the new WTC


The scale of the memorial is impressive and I liked the way the evening sun coloured everything gold. The sky reflecting off the glass buildings is also pretty cool.


Once upon a time these buildings were oversahdowed by the Twin Towers...


The names of all Emergency responders that died are etched into the steel surround of the ponds. On their birthday they are marked with a rose.

Liberty Park

Beyond the teeeline is the Liberty Park


The New World Trade Center, I didn't actually enter the building, perhaps I should have.

Westfield Trade Center

A museum but mostly it's shops and eateries, lovely piece of Architecture somewhat devalued by the use it's been put to but hey ho...