Stockgrove Winter


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A favourite spot of mine is Stockgrove country park. I like to visit it and just wonder around, its an easy place to find peace and quiet on even the busiest of summers days, there was no such trouble on this winters Sunday. THis set is about solitude and reflection (as in contemplation) and if I say so myself I think I nailed it!

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Not Looking

I specifically didn't want to "put a face" in these pictures but the truth is I love this shot.


It must have been strange for Leigh, I kept asking her to walk away from the camera.

Across the fishpond

I like the idea of the "viewer" being in the frame.


This shot sums up what I was aiming for... solitude and reflection but not in a mirror image way.


As we worked our way around the lake, the sun broke through the mist and haze and the woods on the northern bank were lit up.

Hazy shade of winter?

As the lake was warmed by the sun, the valley was filled with a light haze. Again, it's the "viewer" within teh frame I was looking for.

Aren't you curious?

Are you? Do you want to know what they were looking at?

Lonely Path...

I sent Gideon off towalk along in front this time, I like the tall thin trees framing tall thin Gideon.


This shot has the air of solitude about it that I was looking for.

Golden Roof...

Even now, after wind and rain, some trees still retain a few golden leaves., they form small canopys as you walk the paths.

Old English

That's right, it's a bunch of Dulux hounds, how could I not include these guys?