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More usually known as Normanton Church, The church is a grade II listed building built in a classical style. The tower and western portico were built between 1826 and1829. The nave was completed in 1911. Once the private chapel of the Normanton estate, the building was saved from demolition as part of the resevoir construction following a public outcry. The lower half was filled with rubble and a concrete cap put in place,while an embankment was built around it to protect it from further flooding.

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Normaton Church

Showing the churchs east west layout.

View from the north

From here the dam is behind me.

View from the south

Shot from the end of the "Rutland Belle" pier.. fairly sure that I was breaking all kinds of rules; no life vest!

South View Shore side

I shot this from a it further round the shoreline.

Swanning about

This view of the church is from the opposite shore, where a road simply disappears under the water and persumably continues across what was once the valley floor. The very tip of the Hambleton Penisular. The other building you can see is a farm.