St Dunstan's in the East


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In the heart of the City Of London, hides the this small garden in the ruins of a church. Originally built in around 1100, the church was damaged in the Great Fire of London, repaired and rebuilt and eventually it was severely damaged in the blitz. Boasting Sir Christopher Wren and Grinling Gibbons amongst the architects and builders.

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St Dunstan's Alley

Originally outside the actual church grounds but now part of teh gardens

St Dunstan's Alley

The cobbles you see are part of the underpinning and shoring up of the north wall.

Front Door

The original entrance to the church

A Gothic steeple

Added in 665-1701 to a design by Wren, the gothic style complimented the main body of the church

Through the arched window

This window is on the south wall of teh church

A lamp to light my way...

The building you can glimpse through this window is a premier inn!

Inside looking out...

I liked the quiet solitude suggested by the presence of this lady but the place was actually really crowded

The tower from the alley

Normally of course you wouldn't be able to see the tower

beyond this wall lies...

Lower Thames street and the Thames, taken "inside" the church.

North from the Garden

The same wall but now the Thames is at my back and I'm standing outside the church.

Souht Eastern Corner

Another entrance to the church, here we can see the full width. The distant view looks side on to picture 3 n the left.

The damage doesn't look bad from here...

As you "climb" St Dunstan's Hill from Lower Thames street, this is the sight that greets you.

I wonder...

What she was thinking about...