The first collection of images was shot in St Dunstan's in the East, a ruined church in the middle of the City of London that has been turned into a beautiful secluded garden. The dress Lena arrived in just seemed to work perfectly for the location. The red notebook serves as a nice splash of colour against the mnuted tones of the old plasterwork

Take a letter...

I popped Lena in this bench and she said "I need a book or something!" I had my notebook. I think it works pretty well.

Thinking Hard...

I like this shot so much... what is she thinking about? You really can't tell.


Honestly, I can't think of a single thing to add that hasn't been said by that smile.


It was all her own work!

What should I do?

I really like the sense of difficult decisions to be made this picture offers

Behind the scenes

Lena played with her hair and I missed the shot I asked her to do it again... worth it!


Lena was very happy to show her legs, this shot has a sense of innocence about it but at the same time it's pretty darn sexy.

Walk towards me!

I had posed Lena in the corner at the top of the stairs, she suggested walking down them towards me. I love the smile and the sense of movement.

How we laughed...

The same sequence but completely changed by looking away from the camera and laughing at one of my jokes (probably)

Wind blown

Lena's hair and dress were being blown about. It brings a real sense of the moment to the picture. We had a lot of fun doing this shoot.

Oh! I say!

Again, the wind was our friend. This is probably my favourite shot from these images.