Simon's Gang




A drizzly, windy but mild day in Bury St. Edmunds.

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Old Skool!

Of course the smiles do spoil the mean and moody look

Have wellies

must splash!


I love this shot... moments before they had been peering intently at the large Koi, they looked up at the very moment I pressed the shutter

Finn's great adventure

Toddler Finn was doing his very best scamper on the soft turf, he loved every minute of it.

And this Children is how...

the abbey got ruined!


The rope bridge was very steep, pretty wet and Caleb's new wellies were not as grippy as they might have been.

He'll never see me here...

Lotte went from camera hog to shy in a single bound!

looking up...

Another great image... Caleb climbing the stairs to teh treethouse platform and once again looking up as I clicked the button. The motion blur finishes it off nicely.

Monkey Cage?

No, just the cargo net side of the rope bridge.

Just perfect...

I know what you're thinking but you're wrong. I was shooting for this very shot!

Flying high

Who doesn't enjoy a go on the swing?