Sand, sea and concrete


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Recently I found myself by the coast. I love being by the sea and often like to just sit on the beach letting the sights, sounds and smells wash over me (figuratively not litterally!) I've always enjoyed the battle between man and nature at the very edges of our Island. Quite often the "seaside" seems lost in time.


These seaside huts struck such a chord with me. Beyond them a sea of a different kind, THey spoke of simpler times.

Dogwalk 1

I watched this couple for quite some time, how could they be so blase about the vista behind them? Ah.. dogwalking.

Dogwalk 2

As a cat person, I'm afraid to say I envy these two for all kinds of reasons.

Dogwalk 3

I doubt they knew I was there, immortalising them in pixels.

Broken water?

I think the sea is winning.

See wall?

I've always enjoyed the juxtaposition of man versus nature that takes place on the very edges of our island.


Very nice of the locals to provide a comfortable spot to watch the sea from.


They may be concrete but they're still losing the fight.


People have always loved being by the sea.