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Lovely ten month old Pippa was a fabulous model! She did all the right things, looked at the camera, looked away from the camera. She gave a full range of expressions and throughout it all was a sheer delight to photograph. I sense a future career. Her mum, Sarah, very kindly lent me her lovely girl for a shoot and these are my personal favourites

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who are you?

loved the curiosity she displayed, she was so interested in the world around her.

Very well....

I shall sit; be about your business, be quick about it!

Dolly 1

Dolly is her favourite toy but I'm afraid to say she really didn't get a look in!

Dolly 2

Sorry Dolly, you're out!

Dolly 3

The three "Dolly" pictures are lovely... I'm intending to turn them into a triptych, they tell such a great little story!

A hint of shy...

The one and only time she seemed a little unsure it didn't last long.


She was full of beans and working those leg muscle like a champion!


I love the way the reflection from a brass plaque is colouring her face in this shot.


Come on, who doesn't like the swings?