This building is an impressive sight! I found the asymmetric nature of it very interesting... the towers are different heights, the top third of each serve no purpose than to be there. First mooted in 1905, construction started in 1933 and was interrupted by the war. Finally finished and opened in the 1950's. It put me in mind of the kind of public works seen in the Soviet Union. I took all of these pictures around dusk once most of the crowds had gone.

Rear Elevation

I'm standing in the middle of a huge open plaza.. the buildings behind me serving to give an amphitheatre-like feel to the place.


The covered walkways on either side lead to the ornate gold covered doors at the top of the casecade. It's worth pointing out that this is the back door!


The ornate concrete and bronze statue atop the the entrance

Fountain... Swans entwined

Another smaller plaza that gives access to the entrance.


A closer shot of the fountain... I found the motif of striving workers very "soviet" The Astronomical clock is also impressive.

Workers United

The image of "workers struggling" was a common motif on the building.

View from the front...

Not one but two huge plazas need to be crossed in order to approach the building from the seafront (which is behind me)

Off the boat..

The city hall has it's own dedicated pier, alighting from a ship/baot and this is the view. It's clearly intended to impress with it's granduer. sadly the front entrance was being refurbished so some of teh splendour is lost.