New Zealand - May 2015


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I took quite a lot of pictures while I was in New Zealand and I shared them over the course of a few months, I'm sharing a few of my personal favourites from the trip A number of these have never been published before. Aren't you lucky?!?

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Queens Street

You wouldn't believe you could step into the middle of the main street of a modern city mid morning on a week day and take a composed shot along it would you? Yet, I did!

Mid Crossing...

There's nothing more to add really :)

Come ON!

I have no idea where this guy came from but he took a real shine to me and ran up and down the beach desperate for me to play with him. The exasperated looking woman, is a friend of the dogs owner her dog can be seen galloping up from behind.

Box Girder Bridge

Despite the look of rust this track and bridge are in regualr use.


Well, no collection of beach shots would be complete without a crashing wave or two.

Sufin' dudes

These are the two guy's in the earlier shot.

Surfer Dudette

I watched this girl until she was a tiny little speck that had been swallowed by the troughs of the combers, I don't think she was a very good surfer... but then neither am I.


These hills guard the northern approach to Wellington, state highway 1 was solid traffic, so we headed for the hills.. literally.

Welington Harbour entrance

You can't help but wonder if you're doing the right thing... The shadowy landmass is Worser Bay.

A seal!

Just sitting minding its own business by the side of the road.


Not just an exclamation but the name of the mountain range. This range featured in teh various Lord Of the Rings films.

Top of the world

This lady was at the top of the Queenstown gondola, we had a chat, shared the view and I took her picture. She was Czechoslovakian!


I found the sheer quantity of wild birdsNew Zealand incredible, they were everywhere. Maybe we do have a problem here after all.

Pink Water

I took this shot simply because of the way the waterflected the setting sun.

Wellington Harbour

The view across the bay at dusk

The Masonic

A simply gorgous hotel, bar and restaurant. We had a *very* nice meal there but stayed in more modest accomodation around the corner.

Tea Dance

Each year, Napier hosts a festival in honour of the Art Decor style. I guess its similar to the goodwood revival, people dress up, drive vintage cars and dance like flappers 'til the wee small hours. The climate being quite pleasant in february most of it takes place out doors.

Art Decorated

This is the cinema in Napier and like most of teh buildings it was built in a Art Decor style.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

I took this as I was preparing mentally to "walk" the bridge. You start underneath, weaving from side to side along the metal gridworkhat's used by the maintenance men before climbing up to the top of the central span's box girders on teh far side of the bridge. Then while standing above teh roraing traffic everyone poses for photgraphs before climbing back down near side and once again underneath and all the way back. hilertaing is one word.... scary is another!