New Zealand - 2018


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I found myself unexpectedly in New Zealand early this year. I dind't have time to take lots of picture but I did take afew. These are my favourites.

Kaiate - The view of The Mount

Mount Manganui in the distance.

Kaiate -- Halfway Down

The falls are a series of smaller falls with pools between them

Kaiate -- The swimming hole...

It's difficult to tell but this final fall is some 20 meters high.

Cathedral Cove

A very popular holiday beach in the Coromandel, it's about an hours walk along the cliff tops to get to this beach.

Cathedral Cove

Again this was taken from insode the cave.

Sunset at the Mount

I went down to teh harbour to watch a cruise ship leave port, I shot this series afterwards

Evening Picnic

Seeing the cruise liners off is a real family affair.

Whose Board?

These two paddled the length of beach one way and then the other.