The first collection of images were all taken around lower and mid town Manhattan. I loved the architecture of New York although in a lot of cases it really was all show and to an extent, that kind of sums the place up for me.

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The New Yorker!

An Iconic hotel on 8th Avenue

An Empire State of Mind

Later in my trip I would visit both observation decks

Strike a pose!

This shot of New York's finest was staged on my behalf when I asked them if I could take a picture. I have a candid shot of these guys, they are not nearly as cool looking...

American Merchant Mariners Memorial

In one corner of Battery park stands this sculpture depicting sailors helping each other out the water from a wrecked ship

World Trade Center

The new WTC sits alongside the 9/11 memorial. I thought it a bit bland compared to some of the architecture in New York

Follow the money

This view of the financial district was taken from Battery Park

Lady Liberty

I snapped this lady as she walked away from me, I liked the complete disregard for the iconic statue directly ahead. This was taken in the WW2 memorial (East Coast)

Anyone for Jenga?

This building is the subject of some controversy in NYC. Locals are mostly against it, visitors are mostly pro. I'm in the pro camp. I think it's awesome.


The view across the Hudson river towards Hoboken... behind me is the meat packing district, to the left Jersey city.

Lisson Gallery

This red brick builkding with it's zig zag of fire escapes is about as typical of mid last century Manhattan as you'll find.

High Line

The meat packing district had its own railway system; as the butchers moved out it fell into disrepair but has since been reclaimed as a high level walkway / garden. It gave a different perspective on the city.

High Line Wildlife

One of the things that surprised was the sheer amount of greenery and as you would expect it teemed with birds and small mammals

Pizza anyone?

Actually one of a chain but it kinda illustrated the gentrification of the once very rough meat packing area.

There's that lady again

Another surprise for me was just how far out in the bay the statue actually is... movies give us the impression that it's just "there" but it isn't!

Very gentrified

There was a time when I'd have been in serious trouble standing where I was... it's all a bit hipster these days

More highline

Those clinker board water tanks adorn the roofs of all buildings that are contemporary in age. It's possible to judge the way the city developed by looking at what's on the roof of any given building.


I found an fascination with these water towers, the way they sit on rooftops looking for all the world like a fungi!

A two for One!

Two of NYC's most iconic locations... Macy's and the Empire State Building. Shot from the top of a bus on 34th Street


No pictorial bimble would be complete without a view of the Flatiron building.