Hong Kong - May 2015


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Hong Kong

I loved Hong Kong, it was an incredible place. Full of life, it was loud, colourful, crowded and so very British in so mant ways but equally it was about as foreign as it gets. I can't wait to return.


Did I mention how crowded this place is?

Kowloon Ferry Terminal

Hong Kong West... the two red buildings are home to China Post. The Tall building is the International Finance centre.

What can be causing...

... the look of intense concentartion on that woman's face?

One of your five a day?

You wouldn't see it in Waitrose would you?

Not just Chinese...

live in Kowloon, I saw most Asian countries represented. The menial jobs were mostly done by koreans, Nepalise and Burmese.

Old Meets New

A modern take on an old style, I couldn't decide if I liked it or thought a bit touristy and cheesy.

Evening Boat Trip

The looking at thew Star Ferry pier, the cruise liner behind it would later pass us as we toured Victoria Harbour.

Sunset over Victoria

Looking westwards towards Lantau Island, the setting for tomorrow's excursion

Evening Star...

I quite liked the image of the star ferry coming into dock with the sky on fire behind it... had it really only come from Kowloon? The romantic in me makes me wish it had just returned from an arduos journey out of the flames.

Tain Tan

The Big Bhudda is atop a mountain on the island of Lantau, there is a bus from teh ferry port all the way there, I tried to take pictures but the bus was so bouncy I got nothing. The Big Bhudda is an incredible thing... religion meets commercialism, monks rubbing shoulders with worhsippers and tourists alike.

Peak Tram

This is teh bottom of the peak tram, I was looking for it when I got hopelessly lost.