Hong Kong Candids -Redux


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People in the uk are funny... they see you point a camera at them and almost all will get quite uppitty. Hong Kong.. they really didn't care. I'm pleased about that to be honest because I love these shots.

I'm not ready Mr Demille!

Despite what it looks like I asked permission to take this shot... the girls father was trying to get a nice shot of his wife and daughter and I asked if I could take a couple as well, he said "yes! of course!" The little girl looked straight at us both everyutime we lowered our cameras and looked away every time we raised them... this little game was played for about 5 minutes; truth is we all loved it.

Thinking Man

This guy was sitting outside his house on the beach in Stanley, it looks like he's watching me but he isn't.

Bloody Tourists

Some of the shop keepers really don't like people taking pictures and this lady was no execptions apart from the fact she made no effort to stop me... I loved her shop TBH


Japenese girls, Originally I'd taken some totally candid shots of these three girls but the niddle one turned and spotted me lowering my camera, suddenly they were all looking at me making victory signs.. it would have been rude not to shoot them.

Crying Girl

This girl was so upset, she had been texting and then she was crying. I didn't know what to do, so I took her picture.

Life's big adventure!

This little boy was so excited to be walking along ther small ledge, he was singing a song!

You're never too old...

to chill in the evening sun.

Chinese Girls

This girl along with many others was simply sitting on the sea wall enjoying the evening air


It was a a very warm ,windy evening and as you can see this girl was holding her skirt up... I took this shot with her boyfriends encouragement as you can see by his mirth.

Unlikely Dinner Companion

This was my last evening and I was begining to long for home. I had eaten in the Pizza Express (hey! sometimes you want a taste of home) and this young lady took the seat next to me at the same table (she was offered other tables but chose to join me after asking with a raised eyebrow) We chateed but mainly sat in companionable silence. I snapped this later that evening


I like this shot so much, the girl 2nd from the left saw me frame the shot and you can see her looking at me out of the corner of her eye... it feels like a secret little moment between me and her.

No More History!

I snapped this mother and daughter as they left the Museum of Hong History, the little girls hand on hip speaks volumes about what she thought.

What rain clouds?

These two were on their own special kind of cloud

Save a prayer...

Despite the huge number of tourist the monastary was still a place of worship for many.


s the chating lady and her companions, I've managed to avoid getting the huge crowd of people hangin around gawking at them.

A selfie stick?

remind me again how this thing works?

Midday Sun

It was sunday and this was the business district, the day before it had been wall to wall people... sunday it was a few tourists and this lady.

Next Boat

For anyone interested, I slipped down some steps into the sea shortly after taking this shot... it exists to prove that I saved my camera over drowning!