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Out and about recently, I stumbled across these farm buildings, there was a token effort at keeping people out but frankly it wasn't much cop! I certainly didn't need any burglary skills! Operating on the principle that if I didn't touch or break anything I assumed no one would object to me taking pictures. I wasn't disturbed. Interestingly the actual farmhouse was in really good condition and occupied but was also clearly seperated from the rest of the out buildings.


Growing out of the ruined roof, it gives a whole new meaning to "treehouse"

Stable door

I didn't try this but I suspect this door would have fallen apart if I'd touched it.


Given the state of the roof, the brickwork was in surprisingly good condition

Log Fire?

This fireplace looked very functional.

Rusty Steel

Has any sheet of corrugated iron ever been anything other than rusty?

Not bad really

This side of the building actually looks in really good condition

Cattle farm?

I think this was once a cattle farm from the looks of the buildings. Notice the farmhouse in the background.