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Here is a selection of shots from teh second outfit Lena wore. We took some in St Dunstans but were chased off by a wedding party having their wedding shots taken. The rest were taken down by the waterfront outside the restored Billinsgate.


I liek this slightly pensive look.


really like teh way Lena's body shape mirrored that of the tree... sort of.

I'm the queen of the swingers...

In retrospect probably not the best title


Lena and I were both quite tired by the time we were at the waterfront, it was a very hot evening and we'd been at it for nearly 90 minutes one stop

Evening sun

It was lovley and bright down by the waterfront, it changes the whole "mood" of the shoot.


Lena was backlit by the sun and I like teh way it shines through her hair.

I'll just hold this...

There was enough of a breeze to blow her hair around and we both liked the sense of movement it gives.

So sleepy!

Actually the sun was shining into her eyes, tehre's still a real sense of stillness to this shot.

I'm not sure

Ordinarily I'd reject this shot but towewr bridge is sufficiently out of focus to create seperation between it and Lena.

You're so funny...

Lena was laughing at yet another of my classic jokes!ly.