One of the things I really wanted to do was to walk the Brooklyn bridge. I wanted to shoot the skyline from Brooklyn shoreline but I also wanted to shoot the bridge as well. I also wanted to ride the Statten Island ferry.

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Manhattan Island

If you approach New York by sea this will be the sight that greets you. Out of shot to the left is Liberty and on the right you can see the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. I took this while standing in the bow of a Statten Island ferry. You can also see another Staten Island Ferry just leaving the dock.

Ferries that cross in the sun...

To paraphrase that well known saying. This is ferry you see in the previous picture.

Brooklyn Bridge walk

This is just before the central span, The Brooklyn skyline in the distance, the Manhattan bridge on the left.

Brooklyn Bridge 2

The Manhattan skyline as seen from the East.

Brooklyn Bridge 3

This was taken from about Halfway across the bridge, the sun is out of shot behind the financial district

Brooklyn Bridge 4

I liked the way the sun shone between the buildings, a tiny little aperture (f22 for those interested) allowed the camera to cope with the sun shining straight into my eyes! I'm pretty pleased with shot, I couldn't see a thing!

Almost there...

This was taken with a wide aperture, the setting sun has given a warm orange tinge to the shot.


This is the eastern pier as shot from the Brooklyn side of the bridge.

Almost dusk...

Again a small aperture tames the bright evening sun. Small aperture and a relatively long exposure allowed the camera to pick up details it would otherwise have lost in the glare.

Dumbo's view

East Manhattan from the pier one playground.

Ferries and eats

Actually in Brooklyn now, on the right is the Riverside cafe on the left is the Dumbo pier... yes that is what it's called because that's where I was "Dumbo".

Brooklyn Bridge

I don't think I need to explain what this shot is, do I?


I like the way the bridge looked like it was holding the orange light back.